My new shoes! 😀 Asics Gel-Kayano 17 - Stability Runners

I don’t think it’s talked about often enough…but after getting a new pair of running shoes, the proper equipment can REALLY go a long way for fitness! After one run, I had upped my speed by 0.3 miles/hour on average for both my slower pace and also at my fastest pace. I was also able to also extend the amount of time I ran without fatiguing.

Running shoes should be replaced every 6-12 months, or 500 kilometres. Whether we notice it or not, shoes, like everything else, break down over time. If we are going to be putting our full 110-200 pounds of body weight on them everyday, and making them carry us everywhere, should we not treat them with respect? And forget the feet, think of everything else in our body that improper footwear will also affect! Ankles, knees, hips, back, butt, neck…to name a few. There is never just ONE thing affected when we do something to our bodies. In fitness, where we are putting our bodies through physical stress (good stress!), lifting weights and so forth, the last thing we want to do is damage it. Too many permanent sports injuries already exist…let’s try to eliminate it. Besides, imagine how many more calories we can torch when we are running faster! Invest in good footwear! You can wear an ugly t-shirt. It’s going to be sweat stained and smelly anyways by the end of the workout.

How to find out what shoe is best for you? Go to the Running Room and get yourself checked out! You don’t have to buy the shoes there, but at least the trained staff can take a look at your feet and running gait to determine what kind of shoe is best for you.

As I’m struggling with some post PMS water retention and bloating this week, and also taking responsibility for my “treats”, I’m feeling a little desolate about my body shape. I can hear Geneen Roth’s (Women, Food and God) words to me over and over, “It’s not about the weight, but it’s not about the weight.” Our relationship with food and our bodies should not centre around our physiques alone. It’s about our core happiness and health. I remind myself that despite not “transforming” as physically fast as I wish (and I’m an impatient biddy), I definitely feel more flexible and strong than I have since I’ve started. I’ve also been running consistently faster and longer. Those should be the results that matter.

Head looks sorta big in the profile picture...

Sometimes I think that the mere stress over my weight is what is keeping the weight on. Stress is a major factor for abdominal fat…and I am a HIGH STRESS individual. Adding more undue stress about my physique just seems silly. And yet it happens. Recently, when such thoughts take place, I go to the mirror and stare at myself. In the past, the moment this happened, I hated myself. REALLY hated myself. Thoughts like, “You stupid fat cow” or “God, you are ugly” tracked through my head like a loudly tooting train horn, just waiting to take me off the mental cliff. So now, I practice staring at myself. If those thoughts go through my head, I let them run until they stop. Eventually they do, because as I stare (and even if it’s forever), I stop seeing the subjective visions of my body, and it just becomes a body. I might even forget its mine…a body is a body. And when I return, I practice acceptance.

People have talked to me about affirmative speaking. I am not a believer of that; regarding my body anyway. Acceptance is easier. It means taking myself for what it is, right now, faults and all. And once I accept, I can develop. We cannot move forward if we don’t accept it. Because not accepting it is denying the reality or the truth. Accepting means also taking responsibility (and I blurbed about this briefly before). So yes…it’s not about the weight but it’s not about the weight…

I sometimes think of a colleague’s words to me, “All babies are born perfect in the world. There is only one like him/her, and there is nothing more special than that. Babies value themselves completely when they are born, and are not afraid to do what they want to do.” I’m not a baby anymore. But sometimes, I think I need to be reminded of the values that I had as a baby. Education, society, media and who knows what else distorts my vision and opinions…but those are external influences. I think that’s most valuable is the vision we had before anything came to ruin it.

Some great transformations to note this week:

– Had some one on one connections with new people..and scheduled some one on ones for next week.

– I completed two grant applications…a feat and laying the foundation for the future

– Working on songwriting/composing again

– Officially nominated as Leading Edge Artist for the KW Arts Awards this year (if that is not the marking of a transformation of career, I don’t know what is!)

– Running faster and longer